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Hi Folks, Welcome to my Site. My name is Steven Hunt but I go by the nick name "The Hunter". Let me give you a quick run down on my first underwater Sex experience. I am sure most everyone has thought about how it would be to have sex underwater. Well, I've done one better. Sex while using Scuba Gear! Over 45 minutes of underwater fucking! This is nude scuba at its best! Here is my story:
My good friend just bought a new underwater video camera. He invited me out for a dive while he tested it out. I haven't been diving in a while and I had nothing else to do so I took him up on the offer. While loading our scuba gear onto the boat I realized that I had forgotten my scuba mask. So, we hurry up and run back into the dive shop right up from the dock. We walk into the shop and there is this fine looking babe working the shop! Damn she is hot! She proceeds to tell us about this self purging mask and why I should buy that one but I am more interested in her big tits and nice ass! I give my friend a wink and ask this fine babe if she would like to go out on the dive with us. She says that her shift is up right about now and she agrees to go. Well, Kick my Nuts and Call me Harry! I can't Fuckin' believe it!
The boat ride out to the reef is about 30 minutes away. So, we have time to get to know each other. Come to find out she is a bit older than me (I just love older women), married with children and works the dive shop part time. Just to cut through the chase and shorten my story up for you, bottom line is that she is a lonely, horny housewife. Her old man doesn't satisfy her and she is just dying to have a younger stud (like me) pound her until she can't walk :)
I tell her that I could bang her right here in the boat and she suggests that we do it underwater! I tell her that has always been a fantasy of mine and would love to do it. I am hesitant when I ask her if I my friend can snap some pics of our underwater sex but, I think what the hell and ask anyway. I tell her that he won't take pictures of her face and it will be fun :) She says she doesn't care and kinda likes the idea of playing for the camera! Yes, this is my kinda woman!

Well, we do our giant stride and enter the water. We drop down about 30 feet to a sand bar which is just perfect for some nice nude scuba sex. Remember, I have my buddy with the cam who will preserve this moment in history for me :) Do you think you would like to have underwater sex?
Here are some questions to think about.

Did you know that you can eat pussy underwater? Yes, without a regulator.
Do you know how good it feels to have your cock sucked at 30 feet?
Can you imagine all the positions you can do while weightless?
Do you know the intense pressure placed inside
your dick shaft while blowing your load at 30 feet?

Enough of me writing...On with the pictures and video!!


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